SCI-Arc Thesis Project, 2004

Part 1 - Distortion of planar projections.

I experimented with the distortions that occur when recatngular planes are projected onto 3 dimensional surfaces and how the resulting distortions alter the perception of space. The illusion of 3d is created on a 2 dimensional surface by imposing an imaginary rectangular 'picture plane' into a 3D space and projecting the lines of sight to the points in which the picture plane intersects the lines of sight. I postulate that a 3D projection can be achieved by projecting a 2D picture plane onto a 3D surface in such a way that the lines of sight intersect a viewers vision. The resulting device was the invention of an "Architectural Zoetrope" as seen in the 2 images on the bottom left. Please contact me if you're interested in the details.