SCI-Arc Thesis Project, 2004

Part 2 - Media Trompe L'Oeil

An interesting artifact of electronic media is the way in which media tends to blur the distinction between fact and fiction. Radio personalities deliver news, opinion and commercial messages without clearly distinguishing between them. So-called ‘reality’ television shows are known within the industry as “soft-scripted”. The viewer is unable to distinguish between the staged and the spontaneous resulting in an 'identity of indiscernibles' that obliterates the difference between them. This is trompe l’oeil for the 21st Century.

I was interested in experimenting with the blending of 2-dimensional media space with real 3D space (as opposed to simulated or 'virtual' 3D space). Media surfaces are plentiful, particularly in high density spots like Times Square and Shinjuku Station. But they consist merely of a massive scale shift of the same 2-D content that we see on our televisions and our computer screens. I proposed creating video windows and mirrors that are responsive to the spatial environment in which they are placed.